Damburger – Redding, CA

Damburger is located in Redding, California.

It’s not easy to find food places in the state that have been around over 75 years!

We love when we get treated to family run businesses, especially ones that have been passed down through generations.

Damburger is smack dab in the heart of Redding, California and got its name because it used to be located right next to the dam.

This is a no-frills stop where they’ve been making their specialty thin burgers for years.  The buns are delicious and the house sauce is perfect for dipping fries.

A must-stop if you are in the City of Redding, CA just to say you’ve had a Damburger!



Website: www.damburger.net/

Address: 1320 Placer St. Redding, California 96001

Contact: 530-241-0136

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