Jurassic Park – Borrego Springs, CA

Take a trip back millions of years ago and explore the prehistoric creatures of Jurassic Park in Borrego Springs, CA where you will find metal art sculptures hidden in the desert.

Creator Ricardo Breceda is a local artist who hand-created hundreds of metal art sculptures. Typically you’ll find dinosaurs, but also other creatures and some human art.

Breceda told us that his young daguther asked him to make a large dinosaur for her.  He gave it a try and created his very first metal sculpture.

Over the years he has continued to re-create and improve his skills. He recently was commissioned by land owner Dennis Avery to implement his art in the desert across Borrego Springs, California.

As you drive through Borrego Springs and pass Henderson Canyon you will see these metal sculptures. You can even drive right up to most of them and take selfies!

Anza Borrego National Park



Jurassic Park

Located on Borrego Springs Road in Borrego Springs, CA

Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce has maps available.


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