About Our TV Show


Joel Greene, award-winning TV host and producer of national PBS series’ Curiosity Quest and Inland Empire Explorer, has created - together with co-producer/host Melissa Duke - a new television series called Our California.  Camera Operator Scott Davis and Camera Operator & Editor of the show Adam Barnum have traversed across the state with us to explore all of the gems and awesome things to do in California!

This ground-breaking, new series will highlight and showcase what the beautiful state of California has to offer residents and tourists.

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About Host Joel Greene

Joel Greene, the creator, producer and co-host of Our California is 42 years old and lives in the Inland Empire. In 2001, Greene began Curiosity Quest (a national PBS television show) as a way of bringing families together through quality entertainment. Curiosity Quest and Curiosity Quest Goes Green now air on over 150 stations nationwide. After winning eighteen (18) Telly Awards, Greene gives all his credit to his dedicated team and fans!

With a passion for history, Greene founded History Brought To Life in 1997 to begin exploring ways to make history fun for students to learn. Greene performs over 120 presentations every year at elementary schools throughout Southern California. The History Brought To Life programs have become a mainstay within the curriculum of many schools.

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About Host Melissa Duke

Melissa Duke, producer and co-host of Our California, is 34 years old and was born and raised in the Inland Empire. She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona University with two bachelor degrees and has a background in dance and singing. She has accomplished singing the National Anthem for the Quakes, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, and Kings.

Duke began her career as a producer in 2001 for the national PBS television show Curiosity Quest. With a thirst for adventure and travel, she partnered with Greene 17 years ago to begin TV production. Eighteen (18) Telly Awards later, she feels blessed to have an intricate career and enjoys every role she takes on including public relations manager, media coordinator, advertising director and more. Anyone who can put up with Greene that long deserves major recognition! =)

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