Amara’s Chocolate & Coffee – Pasadena, California

Amara’s Chocolate & Coffee in Pasadena, California serves up some of California’s best coffee and chocolate, in a cozy Downtown Pasadena coffee shop.

Amara's Chocolate & Coffee

Amara, who is originally from Venezuela, says that the key to their success is in offering something so different in the local community, where many corporate coffee chains exist.

You can’t help but to fall in love with Amara and her charm!

Amara's Chocolate & Coffee

Each dish derives from their Venezuelan roots including their savory meals, which give them authentic flavor.

Amara's Chocolate & Coffee

From the super sweet hot chocolate made from Venezuelan chocolate (that also includes chilies), to the delicious churros and toasted marshmallows, to the mouth-watering homemade Arepas – grilled white corn flatbread which come with a range of fillings. We were hooked!

Amara’s Chocolate & Coffee


Address: 55 South Raymond Ave, Pasadena, C.A. 91105

Contact:  (626) 744-1765

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